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More about the Scarf Collection

Women’s scarves

Delicate silks and soft wool are used to create this appealing and unique set of women’s scarves. Soft, pastel colours and striking designs will appeal to the fashion conscious woman who wants something different to the high street.

Unisex Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are highly fashionable right now and are a quick and easy way to accessorise and add colour to your outfit. Made from silk, the colours and patterns of these pocket squares look great on men or women.

About Dorota Stumpf

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Dorota Stumpf is a vibrant and energetic British fashion designer of women's and men's accessories from Nottingham. All things British, from our historical eccentricities to iconic architecture, hugely inspire her work. She has worked with a variety of well-known brands from the high street to exclusive couture brands.