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On Time

On Time detail

This image beautifully captures the detail in ironwork of the sweeping archways and windows of the train shed. It contrasts the blues of the ironwork with the comforting reds of the Nottingham brick walls. We love how the statue of Sir John Betjeman looks up towards the famous clock that has helped many travellers catch their trains on time.

Busy Station

Busy Station detail

St Pancras International is a multi-purpose space that combines rail travel with shopping, eating and social activities. The scene in this photo nicely captures these activities with the train platforms in the upper hall, and the shops and cafes in the lower area. There is also a nice contrast with the softer blue natural light blending with the bright yellows of the electric light in the lower level.

Getting off the train

Getting off the train detail

So many fantastic elements combined to make this photo stand out for the collection. First off, you get a feel for the vast amounts of natural light on the upper-level platforms that create an airy feel. Notice the way the sweeping blue curves of the iron roof arches meld with the red Nottingham bricks. You can see the busy commuter environment of the upper area and the passengers travelling down the escalators the relative calm of the lower shopping and social promenade. The whole image is a contrast of colours that make it a delight to see.

Quick Hello

Quick Hello detail

The scene in this photo captures a chance meeting between friends as they pass in the lower halls of the station. Colours are vibrant with the yellows of the artificial light blending into the natural daylight streaming through the vast glass roof of the station. The massive iron archway with the details of the glass windows and the every present clock dominate the top of the image to demonstrate the vast cathedral-like space of the station.

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Internova UK are specialists in premium print on demand product design and manufacture. They create beautiful products for clients in the cultural sector including our exciting new ranges for St Pancras International. All products and packaging are sourced and made in the UK using high quality materials. Their digital experts also build and manage online e-commerce stores across the museum and cultural sector.